together we succeed

our collective vision


We are dedicated to help foster a unified future for humanity and all that inhabit this planet. Our projects and platforms have this key vision in mind. It is together that we will overcome adversity and Strive.


Our 5D business model is key to our future collective evolution. We have several projects on the go. By following our ethos and doing our part, we can all live with Quality of Life


It is together that we will achieve a better quality of life for all. Our part in this is to be steadfast in our morals and true to the vision of a collective harmony.

Teal 8 is a collective of like minds that is dedicated to assisting all on our world with “quality of life”.  We will do this by holding our vision, missions, and ethos id good standing at all times. 

At our core is the intentions to foster the 5D business model that will assist all involved to live healthier and more meaningful lives. It will also gain traction for all aligned so that we can then continue to pay this forward. 

We have a structure that will be shared once ready, and will allow others to assist in giving “QOL” for themselves and many others.

Time for change

With realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.

                                                              Dalai Lama

The purpose of life is to obey the hidden command which ensures harmony among all and creates an ever better world. We are not created only to enjoy the world, we are created in order to evolve the cosmos.

                                                  Maria Montessori

NextGen Social Niche' Online Platform

Our inaugural "nextgen" social niche' platform will raise the bar on how online social connecting will be done. We have chosen the drone sector due to its expected growth, expanding network, and the need for a collective approach in how information and collaborating is achieved.

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Dronerz will be the ultimate online social niche’ platform.  We have big plans to make this the community you have been waiting for.      

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